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Funding has been made available through a $2 million appropriation in Harris County Precinct 4 Park Bond funds, a $1-million grant from Texas Park & Wildlife, and the land donation from the City of Houston. Groundbreaking and major construction is scheduled to begin August 5, 2019.

Development of this 50.21-acre multi-use park is being facilitated by a Local Parks Grant from TPWD, and will include lighted soccer, softball and football fields, parking lots, maintenance facilities, picnic areas, playgrounds, paved multi-use trails and natural surface trails.

Approximately 50.21-acres will be transformed into a family-centric venue where anyone can come enjoy soccer, football or softball games as a spectator or participant.  There will be hike-and-bike trails, concessions, a butterfly garden and a small meeting room where neighborhood organizations can conduct Scout and other community meetings. In addition, planned programs specifically designed for all age groups will be offered.

Alabonson Park will offer ample parking and feature a visible law enforcement presence with Precinct 4 Parks Department staff present onsite during normal operating hours.

After completion, Alabonson Park will be the cornerstone for neighboring communities from which local families will benefit.

The State of Qatar, through its $30 million Qatar Harvey Fund, has announced a gift of $3.3 million for the construction of eight soccer fields in Harris County, five in Precinct 1 and three in Precinct 4.  The soccer fields will also be designed as water collection basins to mitigate future flooding.  Of the total amount of the gift, $1.3 million has been designated for Alabonson Park.

Three soccer fields in Precinct 4 will be constructed in Alabonson Park along Bingle Road between Alabonson Road and White Oak Bayou.  

Planned amenities at Alabonson Park, a 50-acre multi-use facility, also include softball and football fields, parking lots, maintenance facilities, picnic areas, and playgrounds, as well as paved multi-use trails and natural surface trails that could one day connect to additional trail systems along White Oak Bayou. 

Construction began on August 5, 2019,
and is anticipated to be completed in October-November, 2021.


The updated proposed design as of March 13, 2018 (Subject to change).

Groundbreaking has been tentatively set for January 2019 with construction to begin
in April 2019.

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